Icon Rouser First Impressions Review:

I purchased a pair of Icon Rouser 1000 Denim Jeans from Competition Accessories. The price was $150 instead of the MSRP of $230 but has now increased back to MSRP.

How to access Lenovo z580 Bios

To access the Lenovo Z580 Bios, you need to shut down the computer, NOT restart.

Then press the "Novo" button, which is the small button next to the Lenovo Z580 Power Button.

A prompt will appear for options like recovery, normal setup, and Bios.

Lenovo Z580 Review

The Lenovo Z580 is not an ultra portable. The Lenovo Z580 has good speakers for a laptop (they are loud and relatively clear). I recommend anyone who purchases this laptop to go to the synaptics website and download the synaptics touchpad driver, otherwise you may find the touch pad annoyingly unacceptable. Installing the synaptics touch pad driver (currently v16.3.x) allowed me to turn off the edge motion swipes which kept activating the windows 8 charms menu. The touch pad does not have clickable buttons, however the touch pad itself is clickable.


Well Being

Career, Social, Financial, Physical, Community Wellbeing

Straight Talk Samsung Captivate Glide

Hi, I just finished porting my ATT cell number to ST. I bought a refurb E71 from ST on 12/29 and received 1/3. Tried activating via ST website on Sat 1/7 and came up with an error directing me to call their regular customer service number (877-430-2755). I called on 1/10 and they tried activating and porting my number. CSR said they had to ship a new SIM and provided a ticket number. The tracking info was sent out 1/11 and I received the new SIM on 1/13. I called on 1/17 to tell ST I had received the SIM and was wanting to port my ATT cell number and activate my account.

Samsung Captivate Glide Asphalt 6

The Samsung Captivate Glide I927 comes with only a demo version of Asphalt 6.It is not the full version which requires a purchase. When I first, purchased the phone, many reviewers had said that it comes with the full version of Asphalt 6, which is not true. After a number of plays the free race becomes disabled and you'll have to purchase to continue playing.

Samsung Captivate Glide Screen Shot

How to take a screen shot with the Samsung Captivate Glide I927

Creative Live Video IM Pro

Attached is a link to download the Creative Live Video IM Pro drivers for Windows 7 x64

Live! Cam Video IM Pro lets you chat with sharp, smooth and clear video. It comes equipped with a high-speed USB 2.0 connection so that you can enjoy faster frame rates and ultra smooth videos. At 30 frames per second and VGA resolution, you'll feel as if you are chatting face-to-face. Don't worry about lighting and brightness adjustments. Creative Auto Tuning handles it for you, so that you'll enjoy the clearest picture possible.

Frigidaire 218809701

This is the support for the door rack for a Frigidaire FRT21LRGW2. In my research of this part, the cheapest place to purchase this part is at UniversalApplicanceParts.com. There is an alternative to part number 218809701 which is part number of 218758602. This part number 218758602 is for a support rack that is slightly shorter then part number 218809701. Part number 218809701 extends far out enough such that gallon sized containers can be placed in the door.

2009 Rav4 Roof Rack Leak Fix

While doing the sound deadening work on my Rav4, I found some rust spots in the roof of my Rav4.


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